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RDA5807M FM radio module for Arduino

I was surprised with it's ability to receive FM radio broadcast without any problem in such a small module. The size is not bigger than a coin, really small. It may a bit difficult for wiring but it can be done. You can also add small power audio amplifier and use small speaker directly. Here is the module chip, small power amplifier in prototyping pcb.

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DS3231 RTC Module

This module is very useful if you want to create project with time related data such as data logging, alarm and clock. This module keep track the time even the system has been turned off. Thanks to small coin battery installed on this module. Once it has been set, module will keep track the time as long as battery is still life.

OLED 128x64 0.96" I2C as Arduino display

This display is really small but has nice contrast. The display still perform very well even with different viewing angle, not like LCD or TFT. It also has only 4 pin using I2C interface. Very easy to configure.

Make 1.8 SPI TFT 128x160 works as Arduino project display

Almost a week I tried to make this display worked. I tried few pinouts combination and few library and still it won't work. Finally I managed to get this display working with Ucglib library and help from internet and doing trial and error. 

Using Nokia 5110 LCD module as Arduino project display

On previous post we learn how to use LCD as Arduino project display. Another common display for Arduino project is Nokia 5110 LCD. The LCD is the same display used for legendary Nokia 3310 phone. The driver use PCD8544 controller by Phillips. It has nice contrast and also led backlight. Here the example on my project.

Using LCD 2004a I2C on project with Arduino

On previous post measurement sensor results displayed on serial monitor. This is good when we are on development stage. When we want something more independent we need external display. I have purchased a few type of display. For now we will use LCD 2004 for external display.

Read temperature and barometric pressure from GY BMP 280 using Arduino

This sensor based on BMP 280 digital pressure sensor made by Bosch. You can find the complete datasheet here. This small sensor is quite impressive with it's accuracy. It claimed to be ±1 hPa in measuring barometric pressure, ±1.0°C in temperature measurement and ±1 meter in altitude accuracy. Pretty impressive right ?